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About the UofL Trager Institute 

The University of Louisville Trager Institute (formerly the Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging) is driven by our mission of innovating the aging experience for individuals, community, and industry through leading-edge clinical practice, collaborative research, and inter-professional education. We are dedicated to bringing about a new vision of aging where individuals and society are able to approach aging as an opportunity. 

The UofL Trager Institute is a non-profit affiliated with the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. We are a hub of life-long wellness and learning that improves the lives of older adults and transforms our understanding of healthcare. Download our brochure.

Our Strategic Priorities 

Optimal Aging Clinical Network

Workforce Development

Innovative Research

Financial Sustainability

Organizational Excellence


We're moving!

Due to the generous support from the Trager Family and Republic Bank Foundations, the UofL Trager Institute has begun renovation on our new facility, located just down the block from our current location to 204 E. Market Street. Located in Louisville's "Innovation Corridor" and next to NuLu, our new facility greatly expand our ability to conduct leading edge research, care coordination, physical and mental health clinical practice and educational programming. 

Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Clinic

The Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Clinic will specialize in comprehensive care for the aging population. This clinic, organized using the latest best-practice health care model known as age-friendly Integrated Practice Units (IPUs), will help individuals achieve optimal physical and mental health as they age. IPUs involve an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, pharmacists, social workers, chaplains, community health navigators, life coaches and lawyers to meet patient needs. These health care partners facilitate patient care related to physical and mental condition, along with outpatient, inpatient and rehabilitative care and social services. The clinic will provide a patient experience that focuses on lifestyle medicine, an evidence-based therapeutic approach to prevent, treat and reverse lifestyle-related chronic diseases. The space is designed to promote telehealth to homebound and isolated older adults. 

Our services will include expert peer to peer consultation, executive wellness exams, optimal aging life planning, genomics testing, physical therapy, audiology testing, and clinical trials.

Other Features

In addition to clinical services, the new facility expands our research capacity to expand the number of clinical trials it offers and technology development and testing. The innovative space will have a conference room equipped with video conferencing capabilities that allow researchers to collaborate on a national and international level. The space also will support the Trager Institute’s aging-care workforce development efforts with a multi-purpose training space.

Other features of the space will include a fully operational kitchen for nutrition counseling and classes, complete with its own wall garden; a fitness area for community residents to participate in mindfulness sessions, yoga and other fitness activities; and space for physical therapy and audiology testing.




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