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We make aging an opportunity for businesses and industry members through customized, high-impact programs and comprehensive research support offerings. 


We work with organizations to create customized solutions to their pressing aging-related business challenges. Some of our tailored solutions include: 

  • Leverage new potential of telemedicine health care navigation 
  • Increase the aging-care workforce through targeted training programs and academies 
  • Optimize workforce through training and retention 
  • Reduce per member per month (PMPM) health care cost by training non-skilled in-home service providers in health care management 
  • Assess and improve organizational technology to become age friendly 
  • Reduce productivity cost of caregiving to organizations by providing care coordination services to employees 
  • Collaborate on social impact projects such as microclinics 
  •  Design coordinated, bundled care packages to reduce stays in skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities 


We provide research support for innovators with on-site product testing, review, and assessment & access to test populations for product development and customer discovery. 


Our team of leading content experts and research specialists develop high-quality studies to find answers to organizations’ aging-related questions. This service includes assistance with IRB approval and statistical analysis. 


 We augment our research services with access to our participant registry, reducing your time to market and expediting the research process with a ready-made test population. 


 With a proven track record of over 200 successful IRB applications and 20 funded grants, our skilled team can help you write competitive grant applications to expand your business potential. 


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