Kentucky Coalition for Healthy Communities (KCHC)

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About KCHC

The Kentucky Coalition for Healthy Communities is a community-based coalition that seeks to develop the social networks and resources needed to promote geriatric workforce development in rural communities and to increase the community supports that help older adults in rural counties lead healthier lives. 

This coalition hosts monthly community meetings as well as community-wide health promotion events throughout the year. 

The Kentucky Coalition for Healthy Communities (KCHC) is an “umbrella” coalition comprised of community-based coalitions, social service agencies, collaborative grant teams, university partners, healthcare businesses, community organizers, frontline workers, ministers, peer mentors, and older adults/caregivers/families and community members who support improving the health of the residents of Kentucky. The goal of KCHC community conversations and meetings is to provide training, support, and empowerment to our community members and professionals to become fully integrated workers to achieve healthy communities. We believe that health is contagious!

Many thanks to our community partners!