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The Gold Standard Award for Optimal Aging celebrates and honors adults aged 85 and older who embody the Trager Institute’s vision for a world where all older adults lead engaged and flourishing lives. These individuals are recognized by their community as outstanding models of optimal aging in the following areas: physical, social, spiritual, and creative. Winners are separated into individual and couples categories.

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Recipients: 2019

Walter Badenhausen, MD | Age: 90

Dr. Walter Badenhausen is 90 years old and is the team physician for the Louisville Bats Baseball team. He goes to Arizona each spring with the team to do their annual exams. Dr. B is the team doctor for the Bellarmine Men’s and Women’s basketball team and the University of Louisville tennis soccer teams. Dr. B also sees his old patients on special appointments. He attends the special needs clinic at the Worthington Parkway clinic and for the last 50 years has run the “kids center” for cerebral palsy children. Dr. B plays tennis regularly and uses the treadmill. He works in his greenhouse and cares for his ailing wife.

 Barbara Bard | Age: 89

For over 15 years, Barbara Bard has used her musical talent especially through her voice in singing with a group of other seniors called the Silver Notes. Most recently, they were at the Kentucky State Fair for “Senior Day” singing a wide range of tunes to a large audience crowd. Even at the age of 90, she was not about to slow down or quit doing what she loves doing. She practices with them weekly and at least once a month visits an assisted living, retirement home, senior center, school(s), faith-based organizations, and more in singing songs and engaging those to participate with them in sing-along melodies. She is one to truly admire and respect in many ways.

 Kathleen Barker | Age:85

Kathleen Barker’s dedication to helping others stands out among everything else. She makes every efort to help two diferent organizations get nutritious meals to homebound seniors and ofer them some socialization every week. In addition to that, she reads books, newspapers, magazines and more on live radio to those who are blind or visual issues so that they can hear these important literary items. She has been doing this for over 2 decades and remains committed to making society be a better place for all!

 Jim & Olga Booher | Age: 95 & 85, resp.

Jim and Olga Booher have been married for 60 years. They met when Jim was fying oversees for work and Olga was his fight attendant. They owned and operated Booher Chevrolet for many years and retired from the car dealership. Currently, Olga serves on the UofL Board of Overseers and Jim works for Magnolia Springs and Dynamic Healthcare.

 Arthur Boone | Age: 91

Mr. Arthur (Art) Boone was nominated for this award without any reservations. Mr. Boone is a humble 91-year young man of God. He is a pillar at the Episcopal Church Home and remains active in the community despite limitations. He continues to participate in the community activities, engage his fellow neighbors and even the staf. He was previously very active in his church sharing the gospel with others. Mr. Boone believes in the good of all people!

 Ron Britain | Age: 85

Starting his career on a teen radio show called “High Varieties” at the age of 14 in Louisville, Ron went on to become one of the most popular disc jockeys of the 20th century. Ron is a true “anglophile” who loves everything British so much he changed his name from Ron Magel to Ron Britain. Ron was the frst disc jockey to introduce Jimmy Hendrix to the American audience and supported the careers of Frank Zappa, Van Morrison, Janice Joplin and more. Ron was asked by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones to borrow his car, a classic Jaguar. As his career winded down Ron returned to Louisville with his wife Peach where he houses and cares for his “anglophile” collection and enjoys his wife and the comforts of his home town.

 Robert Bruckert | Age: 86

It’s hard not to admire and respect the nearly 2 decades that Robert Bruckert has dedicated to volunteerism. As a Veteran himself, he has decided to give back his time in helping other Veterans at the Robley Rex Veterans Afairs Medical Center. Each week, he gives 3 to 4 hours as an “Escort Service” Volunteer assisting with transporting patients to and from the various hospital rooms, the cafeteria/ canteen/snack shop, front entrance or drop of/pick up areas. Besides helping to transfer patients in wheelchairs, he also provides socialization and companionship to the patient. The way he connects and shows empathy towards them is a lesson we all can learn.

 Tom Burch | Age: 87

Tom Burch has devoted his life to the service of others. He has stood up and helped create a better community for the children of Kentucky and is dedicated to providing them with the tools for the best future they can have. He supports St. Vincent DePaul Society and donates many hams and turkeys each year to help others have a better holiday season. He has been a devoted brother to his siblings and made it a point to visit and attend to their needs. He has been a devoted father and grandfather helping his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren along the way. He has instilled in them compassion for those who are less fortunate in our society and the importance of caring for those in need.

 Davalene Burch | Age: 89

Davalene Burch has faced and conquered many adversities in her life. She always maintains a positive attitude and outlook on life. Mrs. Burch taught elementary school while raising her fve children and completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. She taught elementary school for 28 years. She made a diference in the lives of her students and community. She has been an active member of Alpha Delta Kappa International Teachers Sorority for 40 years. She is an avid reader and lifelong learner. Mrs. Burch stays connected with family and friends with technology. She enjoys playing bridge and attending weekly wellness classes. Mrs. Burch always has a listening ear, a kind smile, and a warm heart to help others.

 Marie Clark | Age: 91

Marie Clark makes Amy Z’s Pub’s Ghirardelli dipped, Maker’s Mark Bourbon balls; one of the Amy Z’s most popular items. She also cleans the pub’s bar towels and keeps the plants thriving on the patio. The pub patrons love her! Occasionally she can be seen beating the guys at ping pong. She knits “Sensory Mitts” for Calvin Presbyterian Church. These mittens are delivered to Alzheimer’s patients in the Kentucky area. In addition to singing in the church choir, she also sings for the “Joyous Singers”. They perform at various venues in the Louisville area. She is an absolute joy and love to be around!

 Helen Clark | Age: 87

Ms. Clark worked as a laborer for the American Tobacco Company for many years. She raised seven children and cares for her grandson, who has autism. She likes to say that they care for each other. Even with a few recent health concerns, she never complains. Helen Clark is always positive and a joy to be around. She lifts the spirits of anyone she encounters.

 Marjorie Cox | Age: 101

Marjorie Cox got on a train by herself at age 10 and left rural Kentucky for Washington DC to live with her aunt and go to school. At her rural home, the one-room school was only open when the weather was good enough to get there. In Washington, a good education was available year-round and Marjorie’s aunt, a teacher, was determined that her niece would be educated. Marjorie continued through George Washington University and became a lifelong learner and took advantage of whatever opportunities came her way to broaden and enjoy the life she was given. She travels wherever and whenever the opportunity arises; she enjoys new people and new experiences and keeps up with what is going on around her.

 Charles Crenshaw | Age: 96

Charles Crenshaw is one of the oldest and most active volunteers with the RSVP program. At the age of 96, he shows no signs of slowing down his volunteerism. He is known as the kind grandfather fgure at Kentucky One Health Medical Center Southwest. Always checking in with hospital staf and patients, acknowledging all of them with a “Hello” and “How are you?”. He is never a stranger to anyone, kind and humble to all. He is a great example of what an active volunteer should be and someone who is living his life to the fullest!

 Martha Dawson | Age: 96

Dr. Martha Dawson was a physician for many years. When she retired in 1999, Martha became a communion minister volunteer at Jewish Hospital. Even though Martha uses a cane, is blind in one eye, and has severe scoliosis, Martha takes the bus and walks to Jewish Hospital and Frazier Rehab several times a week to provide support to patients. After a bad fall, she focused on physical therapy so she could get back to volunteering. She brings to her ministry a profound dedication for healing and a commitment to caring for every patient. Her ability to transcend any of her physical limitations inspire all of the patients, and staf, who encounter her and is a true testament to the indomitable power of Will and Spirit.

 Guy Dorsey | Age: 96

Mr. Guy Dorsey never ceases to amaze with his abilities, enthusiasm and caring spirit towards others. Even at the age of 96, he is vibrant as ever and seeks to make a diference in other people’s lives. He is one of the most active people at the Watson Powell Senior Center, described as a humble man with extraordinary resilience and strength. His smile has a lasting impact on anyone he meets. Mr. Dorsey has a very active garden and loves to share the bounty of his harvest with others at Watson Powell.

 Carolyn Downs | Age: 85

Carolyn Downs has sewn and stitched blankets, comforters, bedspreads, pillowcases and other items for a greater cause. Primarily these handcrafted items go to abused and neglected children that are at the residential home or as gifts for those that are adopted by new families. These handmade quilts and blankets are also rafed of at the Annual Orphanage Picnic in early August of each year as a fundraiser for the organization as it generates funds for its programs and services. Carolyn Downs has been committed to this cause for nearly 20 years using her creative talents in bringing comfort and warmth to those in need.

 James Duggins | Age: 85

James Duggins is very active in the RSVP program and with “Project Warm”, an initiative that does home repair projects. Recently while working on a project, James observed a fellow volunteer struggling to cut glass for a damaged window. He instinctively stepped in to teach and guide the other volunteer through the process. Always a good mentor, his knowledge and patience leave a lasting impression on the people he meets.

 John Eckert | Age: 93

John has volunteered countless hours to assist with political campaigns; by housing campaign workers, driving voters to the polls, and assisting with absentee ballots. He received the Shirley Nolot Service Award for his eforts. John is currently active in supporting Blessings in a Backpack, the Humane Society, and ASPCA. He was honored by Veterans of Foreign Wars, receiving the French Legion of Honor Medal. While in the Army he received a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. John was a pioneer in radio broadcasting he got his start as a volunteer in High School with his classmate Dick Van Dyke. He went on to have the frst call-in radio show in the nation. John is a kind man with a big heart and would help anyone.

 Ursula Eckstein | Age: 91

Ursula Eckstein is one of the most remarkable volunteers with the RSVP program. She is over 90 years old and is determined to give her time and love to two wonderful organizations, Hosparus Health and Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing. She helps them weekly and has been doing this for over 20 years resulting in over 3600 hours of service. She has been a widow for nearly 20 years and seeks socialization but also the calling to give back to others through volunteerism. She is a role model for so many and one that is truly respected in so many ways.

 Paula Fargen | Age: 91

Paula Fargen impresses with both her diligence and charismatic engagement that she puts into her volunteerism at the Schuhmann Social Service Center. Even at the age of 91, she lets nothing slow her down. She is driven to make sure others are helped and that the Center is in top-notch shape. Paula Fargen has been called the “Godmother” at this volunteer site. She not only looks after the clients that come there but she insures the other volunteers are doing their part, always willing to pitch in and help them at any given time. She is an amazing and special volunteer in so many ways!

 John Fuchs | Age: 87

John Fuchs has volunteered for a dozen organizations since retirement. He was well known with Catholic Charities helping refugees and immigrants in so many ways and now with his involvement with the Schuhmann Social Services Center. He always has a smile on his face and is determined to complete any job. And even though he is 87 years of age, he still keeps up with a routine and commitment to others. He is known as a nurturing and compassionate “grandfather” fgure to others.

 Easter “Faye”Grant | Age: 85

It is hard not to admire and appreciate the dedication of a “Meals on Wheels” volunteer such as Easter Grant, especially when she has done it weekly for over 18 years. The ability to give an hour or two each week to visit a vulnerable person in our society whom has no one else to check on them as well as to ensure they have a good healthy meal is a very special thing to do. Her continued dedication and commitment is awesome!

 Bill Greenwell | Age: 89

Mr. Bill Greenwell remains active and on-the-go. In addition to managing his afairs, Mr. Greenwell remains a committed dad by driving his daughter to and from work. Mr. Greenwell says “it’s the Christian thing to do” by helping others and often assists with activities by transporting residents to and from various meeting spaces. Mr. Greenwell inspires anyone he meets through his positive spirit and continuous energy

 Katharine Griswold | Age: 85

After each round of treatment for colon cancer twenty years ago, Katharine Griswold planned trips and the following year found Katharine driving a 7,500-mile solo trip across the United States, climbing Machu Picchu, camping around Hawaii and visiting Egypt with a friend also convalescing from an illness. Her sense of adventure continues in her 86th year. Her maxim continues to hold, “Would I rather be right or happy?” “Happy, any day!

 Anita Hinkle | Age: 90

Anita Hinkle at the age of 90 still acts and behaves like a kid. Her peppy attitude and fun spirit make her the life of the party at Louisville Metro Senior Nutrition Watson Powell Center. She is one of the cheerleaders for this 20+ person center that not only gathers together a couple of times a week to eat and socialize but also does special community outreach projects such as “Skinny Books” and “Alabaster Box”. These two projects among many others do impact to those in need and help brighten up others lives for the better. Anita Hinkle has been doing this for nearly 30 years and seems to be not slowing down. Her enthusiasm is unmatched!

 Billy Keith | Age: 92

Billy Keith has been a resident of Elmcroft Senior Living since May 21, 2015. His wife, Alberta, and he have been married 70 years and have enjoyed a full life. Billy is a faithful Christian, devoted husband, and proud father of seven children. His legacy includes 19 grandchildren & 44 greatgrandchildren. He speaks with such love & devotion for his family. His pride shows through his smile. He visits his wife weekly at the local nursing home while he thrives at Elmcroft. At age 92, Billy continues to engage in the community at large as well.

 Mildred Killmeier | Age: 85

The dedication and determination that Mildred Killmeier and the other St. Joes Sewing Society Members have for their vocation are palpable and something to aspire towards. The joy that Mildred has for her craft is palpable and it is easy to come to understand not only the concept of sewing and quilting but the comradery spirit that exists between these women and volunteers. Its the perfect socialization environment with a true focus to helping others.

 Mildred Lee | Age: 94

Amazing, caring, and humble are all words that describe this remarkable woman. Even at 94, Mildred Lee looks to the future with no thoughts of retirement. She listens to others whether it is their desires or difculties. “If you want to have friends, be a friend,” could easily be her motto. Humility is not an attribute many of us have these days. She happily works behind the scenes and allows others to shine. Her activities in these areas may not be grandiose but in each area, her love for others shines through. Her favorite scripture (Psalm 37:4, Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart) shapes this wonderful woman’s heart.

 Francis & Margaret Lori | Age: 97 & 100, resp.

Margaret and Francis will be celebrating their 73 wedding Anniversary. They live together at Diversicare of Providence. Before coming to live at Providence the Lori’s provided communion in Southern Indiana for the local nursing homes and shut-ins.

 Robert Maupin, Sr. | Age: 90

Mr. Robert Maupin Sr. is a 90-year-old who was born and raised in Louisville, Ky. In high school, he was the valedictorian. He was the frst African American to enter the Master’s Physics Program at UofL and was also the frst instructor/faculty member of color at that time. After graduation, he took an appointment with the Dept of the Army/ Defense Dept in Washington DC and the Bureau of Standards as a civilian scientist. Mr. Maupin has always loved nature. He became an avid wildlife photographer and became a volunteer for the Audubon Institute cataloging wildfowers. This love ultimately led him to produce his wildfower photography book. He is kind and courteous to all who meet him.

 Barbara McKay | Age: 87

Barbara is a very giving and kind person, who likes to stay busy and active. She has been a true blessing to everyone in her Volunteer Program. She is active on the Auxiliary Board and is always willing to fll in and help whenever needed at a very busy Information Desk. She can always be counted on to help patients and staf and she is a delight to be around. Everyone is so thankful that she chooses to volunteer!

 Bonnie Metcalf | Age: 95

Dr. Bonnie Metcalf is a teacher and teachers make the best lifelong learners. After teaching Materials and Methods of Education as well as supervising student teachers for many years, Dr. Metcalf became Vice President for Academic Afairs for California Baptist Institute in Riverside. Her faith leads her in her career and is the motivating force behind her selfess life today. She continues to grow in wisdom and knowledge. She continues to teach others as she has the opportunity. Because she is deeply loved, she dares to love others and to show it through service. She has a quiet confdence and inner peace.

 Thomas Mituzo | Age: 86

Thomas Mitzuos’s pleasant deposition and humble side are amazing considering what he has been through. He had spent nearly 85 years of his life in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but due to persecution by the government and other personal factors, became a refugee and fed his country with his daughter, son-in-law, and fve grandchildren to the USA. He came to Louisville, KY with no more than one suitcase and had to start his life over. In just 9 months, he has been working diligently to improve his English as well as becoming more culturally aware of his new life and surroundings. As one of the oldest and most active participants at the KRM program, he has become a role model and leader.

 Oswaldo Molestina | Age: 90

Oswaldo Molestina was born and raised in Ecuador where he met his wife, Alicia, whom he has been happily married to for 60 years. After they met, he decided to travel throughout South America and won the lottery in Venezuela which scored him a ticket to the USA. Once in New York, he began exchanging letters with Alicia ultimately asking for her hand in marriage. She joined him in New York in January 1959 and later moved back to Ecuador. His family, faith and adventurous spirit have allowed him to never let age limit him. In Ecuador, he became an entrepreneur and owned a pharmacy. He retired 20 years ago and moved back to the USA with his family where he continues to work 2 days a week restoring furniture.

 John Moore | Age: 86

John Moore can frequently be seen at annual Volunteer Recognition Events as well as Baptist Health Hospital. He quickly makes an impression on everyone he meets. His dedication and love of helping others at Baptist Health Hospital for nearly a dozen years prove he is a signifcant asset and piece to what they do there. The hospital and its patients are in great shape when John is volunteering and doing his part for them.

 Jeanne Mueller | Age: 92

What’s the best way to develop a healthy perspective in old age? Spend more time with elderly people and discover what brings meaning and pleasure to their twilight years despite the losses they may have experienced. Despite having to uproot herself to move to another city to be closer to her family when her husband became ill, she manages to continue engaging in creative, social, physical, and religious outlets well into her golden years. Mrs. Mueller is a joy and enjoys meaningful conversations about aging. She has the state of mind that is positive, optimistic, courageous, and able to cope with life’s changes.

 David & Carolyn Neustadt | Age: 94 & 84, resp.

Dr. David H. Neustadt and Carolyn Neustadt, are 94 and 84 respectively. They have been building Louisville since 1954, and continue with their project motivated by afection for one another and the“maturing city around them”, as Dr. Neustadt describes it and us. The key thing the Neustadts have individually and together is a kind of gentleness and grace in dealing with difculties. The gentility and grace are most valued by friends to whom both he and Carolyn are the best teachers by example. Their gracefulness in aging, as in everything else before, is apparent. They are just consummate nice people and teachers by example in life skills, and career skills.

 Therese Nyambuyeyi | Age: 91

Therese Nyambuyeyi’s pleasant deposition and humble side are amazing. She had spent almost 90 years of her life in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but due to persecution by the government and other personal factors fed to America with his son, Nicolas. She came to Louisville, KY with hopes to start over her life. As the oldest active participant at the KRM program, she has become a role model and leader. She is often referred to as the Matriarch at the program. She does not expect anything in return and is committed to doing the best she can so one day she is an American citizen.

 Norman O’Grady | Age: 94

Norman O’Grady can frequently be seen with other Project Warm volunteers doing outreach weatherization and conservation projects. He loves to teach how to do appropriate home energy repairs the right way. At the age of nearly 95, he continues to be active volunteering each week for 3 - 5 hours. He has done over 1300 volunteers hours through RSVP in the last 8 years. He continues to give back and hopes to continue doing this even when he reaches the age of 100!

 Margaret Reed | Age: 94

Margaret Reed has been a volunteer with the Louisville Metro Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) since September 1992 as Food Sorter and Ofce Worker for Dare to Care at St. Augustine Church. Margaret helps out 2 to 3 days each week setting up for this food distribution and mobile pantry site in the West Broadway area of Downtown Louisville. She plays a vital role to make sure many socioeconomical challenged individuals get food that they desperately need. There is not a lot of adequate grocery stores in this area of town and without her support and others, many of the participants would not get nutritious and healthy food. Her continued commitment at nearly 95 years of age is remarkable.

 Georgia Reis | Age:103

Georgia Reis is an amazing 103-year-old. Health is very important to her, she continues to exercise daily. She plays bingo as often as she can. Georgia Reis enjoys going to the beauty shop and visiting with her friends at Providence. She enjoys visits from Friends and Family, She attends all family dinner nights. Georgia is a woman of faith and continues to attend church weekly at Diversicare of Providence.

 Jean Sandman | Age: 91

Jean Sandman is an amazing person. Despite having several physical issues in the recent past, Jean is an active member of her independent living community and demonstrates initiative to stay independent and active in her daily activities. She continues to manage her health and fnancial issues consistently, she participates in physical, social and spiritual activities weekly, and continues to be strong support for her fve children. Jean is motivated to follow recommendations for her physical health, including following exercise programs, choosing movement over stationary activities, and getting out into the community regularly. She is an inspiration to others and her peers are blessed to know her

 Marian Sanford | Age: 99

Marian has lived a long, productive, and rewarding life. She believes that every day is a blessing and lives life to the fullest. She can be found at Episcopal Church Home encouraging others to be physically active. Marian is an avid walker; she walks often throughout the day, attends activities, mingles with her fellow neighbors, and enjoys time with her family. She is 99 years young and living her best life.

 Helen Schmitt | Age: 88

Helen Schmitt at the age of 88 continues to be committed and dedicated to helping others. She has been knitting and making quilts and blankets for 28 1/2 years to bring comfort and joy to others. She has not slowed down and makes an efort to come every week to do this. Her giving spirit is apparent. When she and the other Sewing Society members come together, its a perfect example of socialization at its fnest. It is hard not to admire someone like her and join them periodically in making quilts and blankets to help those who are so vulnerable in our society.

 Georgetta Smith | Age: 87

Georgetta Smith is someone that stands out in so many ways. Whether its because she has been volunteering for 22 years, helped out 13 diferent organizations or that she is confned to a wheelchair but still fnds a way to contribute to society. She is role model for so many whether she is a greeter (Airport Ambassador) at the Louisville International Airport, Blood Services Aide for the American Red Cross or even an usher/ofce aide for the Kentucky Center for Arts, she not only assists others but she is fnding enjoyment in what she does and remains an active member in this Louisville community. She has produced over 4700 volunteer hours through RSVP for others!

 Wanda Smith | Age: 85

She never ceases to amaze with her warm and welcoming greetings when she is volunteering at Kentucky One Health Medical Center Southwest. She can brighten up any one’s day and is one of the most helpful people someone could ever meet. She loves to do she is doing and it shows in so many ways. Even at 85 years of age and doing this consistently every week for 15 years, she wants to keep going and be there for others. She is someone to admire in many ways!

 Betty Smith | Age: 85

A native of Kentucky, Betty lived in Burlington, VT for 21 years, returning with her now late husband to Louisville in 2012. After his death in 2013, she became a Hosparus volunteer and ambassador, was ordained a Roman Catholic woman deacon, took up tap dancing, became a founding and sustaining member of the Louisville Compassionate Elder Counsel. She loves reconnecting with old friends and making new ones via Bridge club. She is an avid traveler, especially in Europe, with her daughter, Nancy, who lives in Italy. Betty is full of optimistic energy which she shares with others for the beneft of family, friends, church, and community.

 Charles Smith | Age: 103

Mr. Charles Smith remains active in his preferred exercise programs, working at least three days a week with Howard. At a blessed age of 103 years, Mr. Smith is tech-savvy. He can often be found working on his computer and watching DVD movies. As the facility’s volunteer librarian, Mr. Smith designed an organized system for tracking and checking out library books as well as alphabetized books by the author. Mr. Charles Smith amazes everyone daily by his kind, gentle manner and determination to stay active.

 Peg Snyder | Age: 85

Hosparus Health volunteer, Peg Snyder, has been providing compassionate companionship to hospice patients for 13 years. Peg was determined to volunteer after her husband was denied hospice care in Michigan in 1996. “As a result of this very hard time in our lives, I realized that support for patients and families is important”, says Peg. Relying on her experience, Peg became an advocate and a non-judgmental friend to her patients. Her weekly visits to patients at nursing homes is a meaningful practice, one from which both Peg and her patients beneft. Peg is determined to make a diference in other’s lives.

 Lewis Sorenson | Age: 93

Mr. Lewis Sorenson, age 93, was born on a farm in Iowa in 1925, Lewis served on a Landing ship tank in the South Pacifc during WWII. Lewis proudly states his age by frst asking you to guess it. He states his age like a Badge of Honor. He enjoys being around people of all ages. Lewis loves to travel, enjoys good food particularly hamburgers, chicken thighs, and ice cream but has enjoyed a long life without lots of Dr. visits and medications. He still loves to travel His daughter is instrumental in making sure his needs are met and continues to age gracefully with love and laughter. He enjoys playing cards or doing any activity that keeps him going. He is truly a joy to be around.

 Mary Stultz | Age: 96

Mary Stultz is 96 years young and more active than most 30-year-olds! She still drives people to appointments and is an avid bridge player. Mary volunteers for Goodwill and her church as often as she can. If there is a need, she instinctively feels it. Mary has always been a natural problem solver. She loves her independence but also enjoys her family and friends. She has no plans on slowing down anytime soon.

 Betty Thompson | Age: 90

Many older adults give their time and commitment to others but certainly, Betty Thompson is one who stands out. At the age of 90, she does not let things slow her down and she still comes in once a week for 3 to 4 hours to pack and deliver meals for those in need with the Meals on Wheels Program in the Shawnee area of Louisville. She has been doing so for over 15 years and wants to continue as long as she can. She is truly a special and charismatic person in so many ways.

 Jim Thornton | Age: 95

Mr. Thornton continued to work every day at Thornton Oil until the company was recently sold. Jim is a kind, considerate man. Generous to a fault and very civicminded. The Thornton name can be seen on many donor walls - investing the Louisville community. He is always willing to lend a hand through the sharing of his wealth and extensive knowledge. He has supported countless events including Thunder Over Louisville and the Gorilla exhibit at the zoo. Jim’s generosity spreads beyond the development of the community and reaches into the artistic body of Louisville. A patron of the Arts, The Ballet and Speed Art Museum are both benefciaries of Thornton support.

 Mary Thornton | Age: 95

Mary Thornton volunteers several times a month at the Senior Nutrition Watson Powell Senior Center. Because of her sweet nature, her fellow volunteers put forth more efort to visit and assist with this Center more than any others. It is an inspiration to see Mary volunteer even though she has some mobility restrictions because she makes every efort to be an active part of this Center. She may not be the most vocal but she is a great listener and very empathetic to others. It is hard to imagine the Watson Powell Senior Center without Mary Thornton!

 Viola Tillman | Age: 88

Viola Tillman at the age of 88 brings a gentle spirit to the Louisville Metro Senior Nutrition Watson Powell Center. She may be one of the quiet natured ones at this 20+ person center but she is one of the most dedicated volunteers who come to a couple of times a week to eat and socialize. She is a true friend to all and never has anything bad to say. She brings a great positive feeling to her surrounding. Viola Tillman has been doing this for 15 years and brings such a heartwarming touch to the Watson Powell Senior Center

 Stuart Urbach, MD | Age: 94

Dr. Stuart Urbach served as a solo practice physician in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, worked in the Air Force during the Korean War and then came back to Louisville to teach internal medicine. He raised three children with his wife, Sherrie. He still has a passion for teaching and has recently taught courses in Problem Based Learning and Physical Diagnosis at the University of Louisville School of Medicine.

 Patricia Walker | Age: 85

Patricia Walker and the other St. Joes Sewing Society Members are as hard-working and dedicated to their craft as anyone can fnd. Even people who occasionally participate in the weekly sewing meetings will come to understand not only the concept of sewing and quilting but the warm and inviting spirit that surround all of the participants. Its the perfect socialization environment with a true focus to helping others. Everyone has the utmost respect for Patricia Walker and the others in all they do!

 Rebecca Wathen | Age: 90

Rebecca Wathen is a very unique individual. She has lived in the area where she volunteers all her life. And at the age of 90 years old, she remains committed to giving back to her community. For the last 30 years, she comes weekly to the Senior Nutrition Sun Valley Community Center to pack and/or deliver meals as well as be both a nutrition and center aide. Her allegiance to this center is unlike anything that has been seen before. She is so devoted to the Southwest part of Louisville, helping those in need and for the greater good!

 Morris Weiss, MD | Age: 86

Dr. Weiss is an acclaimed and still practicing cardiologist in the Louisville area. He was the Dept. of Medicine Chairman for Jewish Hospital and a consultant for the Mayor’s Medical Advisory Council. He is passionate about archaeology and spent 15 summers visiting historic sites along the Mediterranean Sea. Dr. Weiss and his wife, Terry, have been active with the Kornhauser library for years. The library worked with them to create the “Weiss Family Reading Room” on the second foor. He began the Physicians Against Nuclear War group and is a long-serving member of the Innominate Society, dedicated to the history of medicine. He and his wife have fve sons and a godson.

 William (Bill) Weller | Age: 88

Bill is an active and very dedicated volunteer at Baptist Health Louisville. We are so fortunate to have someone so kind and caring when assisting our customers, making sure they are comfortable and getting them to the correct area. He is always willing to help if a volunteer calls in at the last minute and is a true example of someone who loves to be of service to his community

 Rose Ann Williams | Age: 88

Since Rose Ann Williams retirement in 1992 from the Board of Elections, she has donated her Type O negative blood every two months. The Red Cross has sent her donations all over the United States and the 38 pints of blood, almost 5 gallons, has impacted 114 people. Mrs. Williams is a Eucharistic Minister at her Mary, Queen of Scots Catholic Church and sings in the choir every Sunday. Rose Ann volunteers at Signature Healthcare and feeds the homeless at St Vincent Depaul. She spends 45 minutes weekly behind her lawnmower cutting grass. As she ages she dares to continue her life as before, wanting to remain fercely independent and do the things that will get her into heaven quickly.

 Irene Winner | Age: 94

Irene Winner is a very dedicated and committed volunteer to not only to the RSVP Program but the Fern Creek/ Highview Community Ministries. She was so connected to this center in that she volunteered throughout the week for nearly 25 years doing at least 4 to 5 diferent things. She once stated that this ministry was her heart and soul and she could not imagine our city and society being without it. She was determined to make it a part of her life for a quarter of a century!.

 Jack Wright, MD | Age: 92

Dr. Wright is a retired 40-year faculty member and professor emeritus of the University of Louisville Department of Family and Geriatric Medicine. Dr. Wright has devoted 40 years to the feld of geriatrics at the University of Louisville. Dr. Wright is considered the founder of geriatrics at UofL. In 2019, Dr. Wright created an endowment at the University of Louisville to establish the John C. Wright Endowed Professorship on Aging, which seeks to increase collaboration between the UofL Trager Institute and the University’s Department of Family and Geriatric Medicine, along with other universities. Dr. Wright has, until recently, served as a ski patrol member and attended weekly Grand Rounds.

 Bette Zeller | Age: 92

Bette Zeller at the age of 92 years seems to be committed and dedicated as ever to helping others. She has been knitting and making quilts and blankets for close to 25 years to bring comfort and joy to others. She seems unwilling to slow down or stop. She not only enjoys giving back to others but also socializing with her friends who make up the Sewing Society. It’s hard not to admire someone like her and join them periodically in making quilts and blankets as we come together as a community to help those in need.

 Joan Zink | Age: 85

Joan is very active and involved 85-year-old! She gives so much of her time and talent to everything she does. At the hospital, the staf in all three departments that she volunteers to look to her when they need someone to train new volunteers. She is always thinking of ways to make things better and run more smoothly. She is so dedicated to all that she does and we are blessed to have this very special volunteer tending to the needs of our patients and staff with her smile and compassion.


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