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Our Wellness & Lifestyle Services provide whole health approaches tailored to help patients achieve health and well-being.

Wellness & Lifestyle services are the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches, such as a plant-predominant dietary lifestyle, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, stress management, avoiding use of risky substances and pursuing other non-drug modalities, to treat, reverse and prevent chronic disease. At the Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Clinic, we offer a variety of in-house services including massage, fitness classes, tai chi, acupuncture, and nutrition counseling. We also have a wide partnership network that allows us to refer you to services that you need to achieve your health goals. Click here to download our Wellness & Lifestyle Services flyer. 



Acupuncture is the anchor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is a complete medical system to treat ailments, promote health, & prevent disease. It involves the placement of fine sterile needles into specific points on the body to activate Qi (a term used to represent the collective biological activity in your body). This stimulates your body's internal mechanisms to heal disease, restore balance, and promote health. 

Fitness Classes 


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is as old as touch itself and has been a wellness practice since humans first understood that our ability to comfort each other is literally in the palm of our hands. Today's massage therapy uses evidence-informed practices and education to work with the client in the context of their entire plan of care. 

nutritional Counseling


Tai Chi Classes (AVAILABLE VIRTUALLY AND in person)

Tai Chi is described by the Harvard Medical School as "medication in motion," due to its many health and well-being benefits for individuals of all ages and abilities. Tai Chi is a low-impact physical and mental practice that consists of slow, circular movements. Meant to be practiced regularly to receive its full benefits, Tai Chi can be easily adapted to meet your unique mobility and fitness needs. Regular Tai Chi practice has been shown to improve balance, cognitive functioning, blood pressure, and even alleviate arthritic pain. Its mental health benefits include stress reduction and improved concentration. 

Yoga Classes

Establishing a regular yoga practice can have significant mind and body benefits that help us feel balanced and strong. A regular and diverse yoga practice can build strength, muscle tone, flexibility, aerobic fitness, and balance - all areas that are critical to maintaining our functioning as we age. Additionally, yoga has the ability to reduce chronic pain and inflammation. In terms of its mental benefits, yoga has also been shown to improve our cognitive abilities while reducing stress, anxiety, and even depression.



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